Matching Matches

I gotta say this. I place a matches box in every restroom in my house. Why? I don't know if you know, but lighting a match after going to the bathroom prevents bad odors. Isn't that great? 
So, I want my guests to feel very comfortable at my place, so these rooms always have them there.

But, I was thinking, how can I make them go with the restroom decoration? And I started looking for patterns that I liked, and found these. One of the restrooms is green and the other one yellow/orange.

Here I'm sharing with you my pretty matching matches boxes. 

You will need: glue, the patterns, the matches box, ruler, pencil and scissors. I decided to first paint the box black, so for this you will need black water based painting and a small brush.

First, I cutted the patterns, I had to measure the box and get the same size pattern. 

After cutting, the patterns look like this:

Then, I started painting the box (do not paint on the striking surface)...

When the painting dried, I painted the other side.

Finally, I glued the pattern in every matches box.

And the look like this:

And guess what? They are refill!!

This is one of the WC

This is the other one (guests'):


  1. Heeey eres muy considerada con tus invitados jeje, nice ;) Y usaste la cajita tornasol de tu despedida #win...qué chido jojo

  2. heeyyy me gusto mucho la idea!!!! jajaja que original!!! que bonitos!!