Halloween Paper Mice

Halloween is getting closer, and I feel I'm behind schedule with home decoration. On Sunday, I started looking at Martha Stewart's site, and found this beautiful mice that I could use as a Halloween decoration.

I started cutting, 8 done, 4 to go!! 

40 minutes later...

I decided to place them in the stairs, so right there when you open the front door, you'll see them!

And here is how it looks like!

We placed one in the alarm monitor too... 

Here you can also see the Beer-A-utiful Key Hooks.

Here you can also see the Autumn Leaves tutorial.


  1. q padres ratitas!!! y q mas vas a hacer de halloween??
    a nosotras nos va a tocar halloween en londres!!

  2. al rato ves que mas hagoooo jajajaaj que padre lo de londres pawis!!

  3. oye que padre quedo!!!! ajjajaja lo bueno es que son Dog-friendly jajajjaa para la lobita :) se ve bien padre y tmbn la calabaza!!!