Spinach and Tomatoes

Because this is light, and yum, and fresh, and sweet... I want to share it with you... Actually, it is so easy to make... really... and you can always modify it by adding zuccini, or bell peppers... red or purple or yellow onion, yellow tomatoes... artichoke hearts... whatever!

Spinach Mac & Cheese

So I went to COSTCO and bought a BIG box of spinach because I wanted to prepare the Spinach and Ricotta Quiche and I did not use as much as I thought. So, I decided to prepare some Spinach Mac and Cheese and I found the one that caught my eye: the recipe girl's recipe. Of course, like always, I changed it a bit.


Spinach and Ricotta Quiche

I saw Le Ana's recipe several weeks ago and I wanted to try it out... the hubs doesn't like to eat veggies or healthy food, so I have to manage and try different recipes so that he will eat spinach, zuccini, broccoli, etc... This quiche is amazing... he loved it (I loved it too), and every person that has tried it has fallen in love with it... it's pretty easy to make. Of course, I adapted the recipe...


Creamy Celery Soup

So, again... I found two 2-lb packs of celery hearts on SALE!!! So, of course, I took them with me... Each pack has little packs with Ranche dressing on personas sizes... So I took some of them as snacks to the office, and the other ones.... became a creamy delicious soup!!! I used Martha's recipe. You won't believe, but the flavor is AMAZING! The Gab hubs doesn't like celery a lot, he says it has a strong flavor (same as onion) but here... the flavor is not as strong as raw celery, but yet, it's fresh and yum!

Butter Chicken

Ok, so I gotta confess... I found some sale on... BUTTER!!! and I couldn't resist. I bought about 6 packs of unsalted butter and 6 packs of salted butter. Each pack contained about 2 sticks... amazing!!!! So I was so happy and decided to make some butter chicken... I looked for many recipes through Internet and I found Ree's and I loved it. So I decided to go on with it... and of course, I modified it.


Caramel Popcorn

So, my very dear friend asked me to make some caramel popcorn for her sister's baby shower. For now, we made a test and it resulted fantastic! The flavor is pretty good, they are sweet (not too much), crunchy, toasted... So yum! And they are made from scratch. So, after looking at many different recipes, we decided to go with Christina's recipe, but we made just half of it and adapted it a little bit.

BBQ Pulled Pork

So, I've craving for this for months! I hadn't been able to prepare it, because of the long time to cook (6 hours in slow cooker), but last weekend I had the time, got the ingredients, and here it is. It's delicious, for the BBQ lovers. It's sweet, the pork is really soft.