Little Flowers Stocking

CHRISTMAS. I love Christmas. I love feeling the cold wind, using my scarfs and boots, coat... I love the loving atmosphere it creates. I love the Christmas food: mashed potatoes, turkey with cranberry sauce, spaguetti (cheesy or tomato-y), filled pork and everything else!

And, I do not want to get behind schedule on my Christmas decoration. First of all, because is the first Christmas I'm spending as a married woman ;). And second of all because I learned my lesson from Halloween -getting behind schedule.

So I made a trial felt boot.

I made two, so one is the front part and the other one the back part.

Then I made some flowerly arrangements templates: 

Next step. I sow by hand the side and down borders of the boot, leaving the up side free, so I can attach a bended rectangle as you can see in the next picture:

Here is the boot, all done! My husband said: "That boot is mine" haha, so I'm gonna try new patterns and let you know how it goes.

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  1. Ojalá que Santa te lleve muchos regalos ;) No olvides las galletas y el vaso de leche jojo