Bilingual Recipe Cards {English + Spanish}

I just wanted to let you know, that as many people has been asking me, I'm going to keep posting recipes as I usually do, but at the end, you will find a recipe card displaying the recipe name, a picture, the ingredients, the directions and serving suggestions.

I will keep posting the step-by-step pictures, but at the very end you will find these cards, with the summary. You can always copy-paste them if you want to save them, print them, etc.

I'm starting to place these cards in each recipe post, but as you may wonder, it will take some time. So, as a hint, I'll tell you that the order I'm following is the order the recipes follow in the Recipe page, alphabetically.

I will show you an example:

In English

In Spanish

I hope this is helpful for you.
Thanks a lot for reading, posting comments and suggestions and sending e-mails.
I love to read you all!

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