{Paper} Flowers for the Entryway

While browsing in Martha Stewart's site, I couldn't help to read her craft post "Paper Dogwood Flowers" and I had to try this. I didn't use her template, but designed mine (very similar to hers). And here I share with you this magnificent craft.

I used 6 paper sheets*, glue, tree's branches and scissors.

Fold the sheet in 4 and unfold it again.

Cut over the lines.

Fold again, each piece of paper in four and unfold it.

Using a template, make the flower design you prefer.

Now you have the flowers and the tree branches.

Place a paper flower in (almost) every branch and place a glue drop in the center where the flower joins the branch.

This is how it looks once ready.

Here is how I tied them up. I used a hair elastic band and a safety pin.


Soon I will be preparing the vase for these flowers. And you will see the tutorial. Do you have any suggestions?

  • I tried to use recycled paper, unfortunately, the written part was in sight, so I couldn't use them

Edit date: October 17, 2011

Here's how this flower arrangement looks like in my living room:


  1. Tu imaginación me sorprende, será que yo soy súper tronco para estas cosas.... deberías intentarlo con hojas de colores, o hacerles un patrón, busca en internet imágenes de mandalas a color, son muy bonitas y te aseguro que se verá padre.

  2. tienes razón!! debería intentarlo con flores de colores y tal vez ponerle hojitas verdes no?... debe verse muy bien... gracias!!!

  3. holaa!! que bonito!!!! ya casi le pondras el florero vdd??? aaww que bonito se vera en tu sala! :) felicidades!!!