Toffee Shortbread

After looking at Your Homebased Mom's Toffee Shortbread recipe, I knew I had to try it out, and I already had every ingredient at home, so I did. And it was amazing. It tasted so good. I still have some. I'm waiting for hubby to try it and tell me how does he like it.
Anyway, here's her recipe. You should definitely try it too.

Ham & Cheese Egg Biscuits

Some weeks ago, surfing on the net, I found a blog called "Copycat Restaurant Recipes" and after looking around at many recipes, I found one specific Mc'Donalds sauce which sounded good to me. I decided to take notes and try them later. I told the hubs about my secret plans of cooking the breakfast bagel or biscuit and he was fascinated.
I've been promising him for weeks that I would cook this delicious breakfast, but because he's been asking for hotcakes  of many different reasons, I wasn't able to cook it. Last Saturday I did, and he was amazed! He loved them and he even asked me one extra for lunch on Monday. So, here's the recipe.


Oven Roasting 101

Have you ever wondered what would your man do if you are not home? What would he eat? I can clearly picture mine (and hear me out, this is already confirmed to be true): he will eat popcorn, then have two or three slices of cheese (whatever cheese he can find), then he will try to find some bread, if there is some, he would grab one or two slices and place them in his mouth. Yeah, just like that. Not toasted, no butter, no sandwich, no jam, no peanut butter, nothing else. Just bread. And if he's still hungry, then he would look for some Doritos and eat some with Tabasco sauce.


Sweet Pork Chops

I've been craving for pork, especially pork chops, for the last few days. So, I went and buy four pork chops (two for the hubs, two for me) and got ready to convince the hubs to help me out.

Finger Cut {Disturbing image?}

I gotta tell you, I think I won't be able to post a lot of stuff this week. On Sunday, I cutted my finger and I went to the hospital and received one stitch, so I can't move my finger that much.



My sisters were staying at home, with me in the beginning of the week, and I wanted to prepare something special for them. Even when they loved the Lasagna Soup leftovers and the Candy Cane Dust Cake. So I thought of making empanadas and took a lot ot ingredients to fill them.


Spicy Whisky BBQ Sliders

So, after reading Ree's recipe for Spicy Whisky BBQ sliders, I was delighted... I was amazed... I just wanted to try them right there... but, I had to wait for the right moment. And there it was... Sunday afternoon, just a day when hubs and I take a break from stress... and I decided that was the right time.


Lasagna Soup

I've been wanting to cook this soup for weeks. I was just waiting for the perfect time, when the weather get a little colder, and now it has come!
This is my personal way of cooking it, as I imagined it should be done. I tried to find recipes, but none of them "called my name", so I just figured... what if I do it myself? And this is the result. It's a very delicious soup, and it tasted like lasagna, sometimes a little bit of pizza, as my husband said.

And, you should really give it a try. It's very cozy.


Carrot Soup

So, I guess it's been years since I hadn't have a carrot soup! I can't believe hoy much time has gone by. So, I went to the market and bought some carrots and I found these beautiful "European breads", so I thought of using them as a serving plate. I hope you like carrot soup, I don't love it, but I like it. My husband loved it.


Foodctionary 101

This post will be updating from time to time, in order to add more terms. I hope it's useful and in any case you see anything is missing, leave a comment and I will immediatly check it out.

Chicken & Rice

Since I was a little girl, I always loved this dish. I used to get so excited when mom prepared chicken and rice.
So, weeks ago I remembered this dish and asked mom for her recipe. She gave it to me and totally authorized me to use it and post it on my blog.
So here it is, to share with you.


Rosca de Reyes {Kind-of-King Cake} - Part 2

So, as I mentioned on Rosca de Reyes {Kind-of-King Cake}, this is a very good excuse to get together with friends and family. So we got together. Family. It was so nice!

So, I'm gonna share with you some pictures! My dad was the lucky one that got Baby Jesus in his slice!

Oh, and I prepared some hot chocolate with cinammon. Yum!

Bilingual Recipe Cards {English + Spanish}

I just wanted to let you know, that as many people has been asking me, I'm going to keep posting recipes as I usually do, but at the end, you will find a recipe card displaying the recipe name, a picture, the ingredients, the directions and serving suggestions.

I will keep posting the step-by-step pictures, but at the very end you will find these cards, with the summary. You can always copy-paste them if you want to save them, print them, etc.

I'm starting to place these cards in each recipe post, but as you may wonder, it will take some time. So, as a hint, I'll tell you that the order I'm following is the order the recipes follow in the Recipe page, alphabetically.


Rosca de Reyes {Kind-of-King Cake}

So, in Mexico we celebrate the "Kings' Day" -"Three Wise Men's Day"- on January 6th. The tradition goes at follows: Children leave a shoe outside before goint to bed. By outside, I mean in the living room or under the Christmas tree or outside their bedroom. This way, they get a present from the Three Wise Men (it's a little present, not like Santa Claus).

Then, in the afternoon, a Rosca de Reyes is served. Usually with hot chocolate. This is a good excuse to getting together with family and friends!


Tuna & Salmon Cheesy Sandwiches

So, I'm not a big fan of seafood or fish or tuna or shrimp or salmon or octopus or any thing that swims (lol). But, I have to eat some fish! So, I usually try to find out ways to eat fish or salmon or tuna in a way that it won't taste so much as sea. I thought about making some sandwiches and I remembered I have some melted yellow cheese. 

Extremely Delicious Mac & Cheese

So, it's been like a month that I'm craving for some homemade mac & cheese. I bought the cheeses, I bought the pasta and then Christmas arrived. And then New Year's Eve. So they've been waiting in my fridge for maybe a week or two... Finally, yesterday, I decided to make them. And, as I previously did before, based my cooking on Jack Scalfani's Incredible Mac and Cheese. Of course, as I always do, changed it a little bit. I actually didn't use and Gruyere or Monterey Jack cheeses. I used Mozarella and Swiss cheeses. I didn't use chipotle chili powder -and have never heard of it, can't find it here-, I used chile powder. You will see.

Happy New Year!

 Happy New Year!