Veggies Nuggets

So, after looking Weelicious video I couldn't wait to make these for the hubs (and of course practice for the kids we will have later ... later .... later), so I gathered all my stuff and got to work on them. They are really nice, they are healthy, a good alternative, beautiful, and best of all, homemade! So, give them a try and let me know how it goes =)

Wheat Germ Pizza Dough

so looking for healthier alternatives to the hubs favorite meals, I found somewhere on the Internet, and I'm sorry, I don't remember where (maybe Yahoo answers??) this recipe for a pizza crust made of wheat germ. I decided to give it a shot, and the hubs liked it. He says it tastes like bread, haha. But I made it in a "baking sheet", so the crust wouldn't be toasted, it would be soft. Next time i'll try it out in the toasted way and let you know!

Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese


So, I've been craving for pumpkin since spring =) and I was a little sad because last year I couldn't find butternut squash or acorn squash. So I decided to go and take a look in supermarkets to see if they decided to import some this year. And they did!! So I bought many of them and decided to make some of the recipes I had always wanted to try! And here's one of them. I followed Centsational Girl's recipe. And it was delicious!


Clean Eat Hummus

I just made this delicious clean eat chickpea hummus based on this recipe. It was delicious, the hubs loved it. We still want to try it out with natural chickpeas, soaked at home. So, here's what we did, although we want to try it too with roasted red pepper, carrot, etc!!


Homemade Whole Wheat Sandwich

Whole wheat bread + avocado slices + turkey breast + panela cheese slices + mustard

Clean Chocolate Cups

So, in this new journey we are living, I have to find clean and "whole" desserts to crave the hubs' sweet tooth. I'm more fan of salty junk food, but the hubs, oh, the hubs loooooves chocolates, ice cream and all kinds of sweets. So I looked at many recipes for candida, gluten free, and more, and I found this one, from LeAna, I adapted it and I loved it. They are really good, you should try them. The hubs ended up loving them, so he wants to eat one a day. I'd say it's ok... and you?

No-Cream of Asparagus

Ok, so fall is here and I love soups. I love them all year long, but I love them the most on fall and winter. A rainy day, with a blanket or a duvet, and a delicious and warm and cozy and homemade and healthy comfort food. Ha! So I made this delicios no-cream added cream of asparagus. And believe me, it was amazing. You should give it a try and let me know what would you change or how do you like it.


100% Homemade Whole Wheat Bread

Ok, I know it's not the best picture. But I was so excited!!! I made bread!!! And not only bread, healthy, full of nutrients whole wheat bread!! I milled the grain!!! Anyways, I've had the idea of baking bread since many weeks ago, and finally, I did it!!! The hubs LOVED it! So, here's what I did based on Carrie's recipe.


Hearthwarming Soup {Veggies + Noodles}

So, cold is getting here, and fall got here too, and I love soups. I have always loved them :0) and I made this soup as lunch for the week. It's really heartwarming (hence the name) and also, is very smooth, tasty and best of all... healthy!! So what else would you like in a fall soup? I hope you give it a try and enjoy it. So let's go to the recipe...


Grilled Balsamic Chicken "Fajitas"

So, I made this delicious chicken for lunch and I was NOT disappointed on my idea =) Ha! Just kidding, the chicken was delicious =) and the veggies were delicious too!! They had a grilled flavor, amazing. I enjoyed it a lot, and the best of all it's that it's light! It doesn't make you fat, it is natural, and healthy =)

Chiles-en-Nogada Cinnamon Rolls

After looking at Willow Bird Baking's Challenge, and looking at the requirement of innovating a cinnamon roll recipe, I started thinking about something gorgeous. Remember I just made Chiles en Nogada? Well, I add filling leftovers and I had pomegranate leftovers and walnuts... so I said, let's just do it! And they were amazing. They were really great. So now I'm passing the recipe to you... try it if you dare!

El Papalote

Rib Eye Steak (medium-rare) with Guacamole