Halloween Party 2012

Pumpkin Cheesecake

I've been wanting to make a pumpkin cheesecake since last year, but for any different reasons, I couldn't, so finally, I made it. It was so delicious, definitely a keeper. I had many many recipes for this cheesecake, and wanted to try them all, but finally, I decided that the first test would go to Jamie's recipe, althought I ended up changing it a little bit. And it was a great adventure, the oven caught on fire! Anyways, read more about this later in the post..... 


Barley & Veggies Soup

So, as autumn continues, so does my craving for soup, soup and more soup every day!!! And now, I made a barley soup with many veggies. And chicken stock. Pretty yum actually. And I have a confession to make. I have never tried before barley. As a grain u know? So I did and I liked it. IT's definitely a keeper for my family. So here's the recipe I made, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did still am.

Creamy Cauliflower Soup

So, you know me. I love soups, no matter what time of the year it is, I just love them. Anyways, so I looked for a creamy soup, that wouldn't need a lot of cream or cream cheese or greasy stuff, but that used very little milk. And I also wanted something healthy, and I found Jessica's recipe and couldn't resist. I swear, as she also did, it's sooooo goood!!! And so comforting... anyways, give a try and tell me how do you like it!

Spaghetti Squash

So I've been wanting to try spaghetti squash since forever, but it couldn't be faound anywhere here in Mexico. Last week I found one, and OMG, I had to buy it and test it. I decided to make spaghetti squash and give it a try. I ended up loving it. Its' taste is pretty subtle and it can be paired with anything you can think of!!!


Onion Soup

I've been craving for onion soup since months ago!!! And for any different reasons, I wasn't able to make it before. So I made it, and believe me, it was delicious! I remember some years ago, my sister and I made one in our grandparents' house, and we enjoyed it so much. Anyways, I checked many recipes and in the end, I decided to make my own recipe.

Mongolian Beef

Surfing in Pinterest, I found a delicious and easy-to-make recipe from this blog, so I decided to give it a try.  Of course I changed some things from the recipe, but still, it was so good. The hubs and I were craving for Chinese food, so I had 2 leftover beef pieces from the party last Saturday, and I decided to use them. The beef is so soft, so good, so delicious, it's definitely a keeper for our family. Of course, a keeper for once every 4 months or so =) haha!


Liebster Award

Some days ago I was nominated by my new friend Diana from Coco & Chic for a Liebster award!!! Thank you Diana!!!

So, what's this Liebster award about? Well, it is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. “Liebster” is German for “favorite”. So I guess it is the “favorite blog award”. Ha-ha!
The rules say that you (awarded) answer the 11 questions asked of you by the blogger who gave you this award (aka Diana).

And well, here we go:


Veggies Nuggets

So, after looking Weelicious video I couldn't wait to make these for the hubs (and of course practice for the kids we will have later ... later .... later), so I gathered all my stuff and got to work on them. They are really nice, they are healthy, a good alternative, beautiful, and best of all, homemade! So, give them a try and let me know how it goes =)

Wheat Germ Pizza Dough

so looking for healthier alternatives to the hubs favorite meals, I found somewhere on the Internet, and I'm sorry, I don't remember where (maybe Yahoo answers??) this recipe for a pizza crust made of wheat germ. I decided to give it a shot, and the hubs liked it. He says it tastes like bread, haha. But I made it in a "baking sheet", so the crust wouldn't be toasted, it would be soft. Next time i'll try it out in the toasted way and let you know!

Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese


So, I've been craving for pumpkin since spring =) and I was a little sad because last year I couldn't find butternut squash or acorn squash. So I decided to go and take a look in supermarkets to see if they decided to import some this year. And they did!! So I bought many of them and decided to make some of the recipes I had always wanted to try! And here's one of them. I followed Centsational Girl's recipe. And it was delicious!


Clean Eat Hummus

I just made this delicious clean eat chickpea hummus based on this recipe. It was delicious, the hubs loved it. We still want to try it out with natural chickpeas, soaked at home. So, here's what we did, although we want to try it too with roasted red pepper, carrot, etc!!


Homemade Whole Wheat Sandwich

Whole wheat bread + avocado slices + turkey breast + panela cheese slices + mustard

Clean Chocolate Cups

So, in this new journey we are living, I have to find clean and "whole" desserts to crave the hubs' sweet tooth. I'm more fan of salty junk food, but the hubs, oh, the hubs loooooves chocolates, ice cream and all kinds of sweets. So I looked at many recipes for candida, gluten free, and more, and I found this one, from LeAna, I adapted it and I loved it. They are really good, you should try them. The hubs ended up loving them, so he wants to eat one a day. I'd say it's ok... and you?

No-Cream of Asparagus

Ok, so fall is here and I love soups. I love them all year long, but I love them the most on fall and winter. A rainy day, with a blanket or a duvet, and a delicious and warm and cozy and homemade and healthy comfort food. Ha! So I made this delicios no-cream added cream of asparagus. And believe me, it was amazing. You should give it a try and let me know what would you change or how do you like it.


100% Homemade Whole Wheat Bread

Ok, I know it's not the best picture. But I was so excited!!! I made bread!!! And not only bread, healthy, full of nutrients whole wheat bread!! I milled the grain!!! Anyways, I've had the idea of baking bread since many weeks ago, and finally, I did it!!! The hubs LOVED it! So, here's what I did based on Carrie's recipe.


Hearthwarming Soup {Veggies + Noodles}

So, cold is getting here, and fall got here too, and I love soups. I have always loved them :0) and I made this soup as lunch for the week. It's really heartwarming (hence the name) and also, is very smooth, tasty and best of all... healthy!! So what else would you like in a fall soup? I hope you give it a try and enjoy it. So let's go to the recipe...


Grilled Balsamic Chicken "Fajitas"

So, I made this delicious chicken for lunch and I was NOT disappointed on my idea =) Ha! Just kidding, the chicken was delicious =) and the veggies were delicious too!! They had a grilled flavor, amazing. I enjoyed it a lot, and the best of all it's that it's light! It doesn't make you fat, it is natural, and healthy =)

Chiles-en-Nogada Cinnamon Rolls

After looking at Willow Bird Baking's Challenge, and looking at the requirement of innovating a cinnamon roll recipe, I started thinking about something gorgeous. Remember I just made Chiles en Nogada? Well, I add filling leftovers and I had pomegranate leftovers and walnuts... so I said, let's just do it! And they were amazing. They were really great. So now I'm passing the recipe to you... try it if you dare!

El Papalote

Rib Eye Steak (medium-rare) with Guacamole


Cinnamon Rolls

I've been wanting to make this amazing recipe, these delicious rolls since many weeks ago... and I was afraid of the outcome. Why? Because I have never used yeast before. I was afraid to use it. And man, I had already bought it. I just didn´t want to use it, I don't know. Weird me. Ok, let's go to business. I checked many recipes and fell in love with Ree's, so I used it and halved it.

Italian Beef Stew

For this Italian Beef Stew, I used Foodiebride's recipe. Let me tell you, the flavor was amazing. This recipe is definitely a keeper in our family, it was delicious =) and best of all, it uses cheap meat, ha! Not that I'm cheap, but I'd like to have options on both sides... =) so, what do you think? Do you usually make stews? What do you use on them? Do you prefer chicken? meat?

Chiles en Nogada 2

So again, to celebrate Mexico's Independence Day, my family and I got together and celebrated, with Chiles en Nogada. These chiles are delicious, and well, if you'd like to know more about them, you can check my older post here. This time, I used walnuts (original recipe) instead of pecans, and I added a handful of pine nuts. The chiles were amazing, I had nothing left!!! Some of them, even ate two chiles! So, here goes the recipe...


Splenda Meringues 4 {Coffee}

So, you may already know that I can eat a lot of Splenda meringues, so I'm trying several flavors, and now, it was time for coffee meringues!! They were actually pretty good!! I think they are my favorite so far, followed by regular Splenda meringues (no extra flavors added). You can check my recipes here, here and the lemon flavored ones here. I totally recommend these, they taste amazing, although they look kind of like poop... ha!


Rotisserie Chicken

So, I've been craving for rotisserie since who knows when! And finally, I bought a whole organic chicken and I made it! I used my convection oven, and it worked really great!!! I'm really excited because it was so juicy, so delicious, so crunchy, so yum!!! And the best thing is that's really healthy =) Really crispy and flavorful. I hope you get the chance to try it out, it's totally worth it. Even the hubs wants me to make another one, with BBQ sauce (he's not a BBQ lover.... weird!!). So, I based my preparation in princechopper's recipe. I changed it a bit, both in content and timing.


Banana Almond Bread

So, after the hubs went on a business trip (again), two of the beautiful bananas we bought started to ripe... and I thought... what can I do with them? And I remembered the Banana Bread I made on March, but I didn't have any organge juice or oranges for zesting, so I looked for another recipe and found Crumblog's recipe, which caught my eye. I decided to give it a try, of course, changing it a little bit, as always.


A Few Easy Changes

Many of the recipes you already cook can be cooked in "whole-food mode"!!! And that's good news!! Of course, there are many changes you will need to make, depending on your actual eating and cooking habits, but the most easier are:


Other Resources

Many of the recipes you already cook can be cooked in "whole-food mode"!!! And that's good news!! Of course, there are many changes you will need to make, depending on your actual eating and cooking habits. For more information, you can go to Real, Clean, Whole Food... Food.

Real, Clean, Whole Food... Food

Being educated about what's best for our bodies is part of our responsabilities. If being a wife/mother is not enough reason to convince you, then being a human being should be. At least that's what I think, so I began to study a lot from different sources, along with my nutritionist in these loosing-weight months, and began learning what's best to eat. Besides learning what's best for the body, in terms of nutritional contents, I also learned a lot about the right portions or amount of each food group we should be eating. 


Philly Cheesesteaks

So, the hubs was craving for cheesesteaks, and I decided to make some. Of course, I couldn't find any hoagie rolls, or French rolls, or any rolls, so I used what I had in hand... hotdog buns! I also checked Julie's recipe, make them and they were great! And you can have any add-ins you'd like! Like different color bell peppers, mushrooms, more cheeses, etc! Now, let's go to the recipe...

Mexico's Independence Month

I'm sending some recipes to participate in Pily's call for this Month of Mexico's Independence!! Please feel free to send your Mexican recipes to her, on her blog =) Just click on the image to go to Pily's post.

Churrasco Spread

Do you remember my Las Pampas 2 post? We had some Churrasco leftover. Ok, not some. I think maybe half of the Churrasco was for leftover. Haha, so I made Ree's beef spread. Of course, changing a little bit fo the recipe. And let me tell you, even when it has a strong flavor, real strong, it's amazing! It's delicious, you can use it as a dip, or as a sandwich spread, or whatever you can think of! I even freezed one part, because it was a lot! The hubs took some to the office... anyways. 

Mom's Baked Rib Eye Ribs

So, this recipe comes from my mom's inventions. The same as Chicken & Rice does. I love when she makes these ribs. I already told her, when she makes them, she has to call me and I will get as fast as I can to her home, and eat some. Ha! I think the hubs don't like them that much, but I do, and so he doesn't say a thing and eats them whatsoever. You should really try them out, they are a little "fatty", but you can always let them cool in the fridge, remove the fat on the top, and heat them again.


Sweet Egg Yolk Cookies

I wanted to make some meringues so I needed egg whites. And I figured, what can I do with egg yolks, that does not consume a lot of time? Because Crème brûlée {Creme Brulee} does, and I looked for some cookies. I found Roxana's fascinating recipe and decided to give it a try. And I did not regret it. These cookies are so soft, and not too-sweet... they are great! You could event cover one half with chocolate, or drizzle some on top, or some glaze... they are great!

El Gaucho Restaurante

Now, Saturday was my sister's birthday and we decided to go to an Argentinian restaurant called El Gaucho.

Las Pampas 2

Las Pampas, again!


Santa Bárbara

Frijoles con veneno {Beans with Poison}: Of course they are not poisoned, they are toped with "asado de puerco" (pork roast), and it's pretty spicy...


Light Lasagna {Pasta Free}

So, after eating pretty much the same for many weeks.. ok, I'm exagerating a little. I've not been eating the same, but I'm sick of fish (I stopped eating fish like a month ago) and I'm starting to get sick of grilled chicken =( soooooo I decided to design different recipes that I could eat for my diet. So here comes one of them. This was totally an experiment... a success if I may add! I was a little worried that it would taste like a regular omelette or egg, but it didn't! I hope you give it a try and let me know what you think.


Light Chilaquiles

So, I was getting a little bored of what I could eat, so I decided to give it a try and prepare some Light Chilaquiles. They are good, and the best part is that depending on the different sauces you use, the flavor will be different every time. This way it's harder to get bored.


Testing Egg Whites for Lasagna

I decided to make a lasagna that I could eat being on diet. And then, God illuminated me and gave me the greatest idea of all... an egg whites lasagna!!! Yes, OMG, I know. As you hear it. An egg whites lasagna. There are egg noodles right? :) so Egg white lasagna noodles should be able to exist too.. and based on that idea, I decided to try egg whites in different ways, just to make sure that I would use them the best way, and I would have the most of them =)


Braised Short Ribs

So, after I've been craving for beef ribs, I decided to make two recipes. I started with Ree's and they are really good! As she said, they are "heaven in a plate". I'm still pending on making my mom's recipe, and I have already bought those rib eye ribs too! Anyway, these ribs are really amazing, I'm not kidding. The hubs LOVED them, they are so soft, you can break the meat with your tongue. Really, you don't need your tooth. They are so full of flavor, amazing... I hope you give them a try and let me know how it goes.

French Toast {Very Easy}

The hubs wanted me to make some French Toasts for breakfast, so I made the only recipe I've know since ever =) It's really simple, really easy to make, very fast to make and very tasty too!! And the best thing of all, it's that I'm almost sure you already have every ingredient in your pantry or freezer!!

Three Chiles Salsa

So, trying to make a different spicy sauce, I looked for many recipes and found one that caught my eye at Saveur magazzine. I decided to give it a try, and althought it didn't taste too good at first, after some hours it was amazing. I don't know if the flavors concentrated or what really happended, but the flavor was amazing.

Chocolate Wasted Cake

So, for his birthday, the hubs wanted a chocolate cake, so I gave him MANY options for him to choose for many chocolate cakes and cheesecakes and he chose the chocolate wasted cake. So, I made it. It was amazing. It still is. I gotta warn you: it's a very dense chocolate. It's not too sweet, but it's heavy for the stomach. It's delicious. Give it a try!

Pizza Meets Sub

So, having some "cheese layer" and "sauce layer" leftovers from the Lasagna I made for the hub's birthday las month (of course, this recipe is some weeks days old, I just couldn't find the time to post it sooner -oh! and btw, the lasagna is the same, just remove bell peppers and add 1/4 cup pine nuts), and some Cowboy Meatballs I made, I thought about making a Meatballs sub, but I also had some bread someone gave me. So I decided to make this version, of sub meets pizza meets meatballs meets.... whatever!


Oatmeal Crisps

So, I wanted to finish all the oatmeal I had at home, so I first decided to make Cowboy Meatballs, and I still had a lot... so I made Oatmeal and Chips Cookies and I still had oatmeal!!!! So I made some Oatmeal Crisps I saw at pastry studio... and now oatmeal at home is gone! Yei!!!!! Anyways, these cookies are delicious, maybe a little on the sweet side, so you may want to add a little bit more of salt, if you are not a sweets person.


Cottage Cheese and Veggies Wrap

So, if you remember, I'm on a diet, and I'm getting a little sick of eating fish and chicken. I can only have beef  twice a week =( so, I'm replacing the chicken protein with cottage cheese. It's ok, it gives a twist to my meals, so I won't get bored of eating the same over and over again. I guess right now I'm having a limited diet, because I can't even eat beans, peas, rice, or anything like that. So I figured, why not make a wrap? And here we go.


Oatmeal and Chips Cookies

So, having lots of oats at home made me want to bake some oatmeal cookies!!! And, I tried to make them some kind of "compost"... althought I'm thinking of a different recipe for them... Anyways, these cookies are amazing, they will make you feel full, and kids will love them. Adults too! Of course, as always, I changed a little bit the recipe from the merry gourmet.