Veggies Chicken Bake

So, I decided to make this casserole, pretty big for two, like the hubs say "it looks like you want to feed 30 hungry people", but it's yum! And the best thing of all, it's not greasy, it has a lot of veggies, and they will cook in chicken broth, natural chicken broth.

Apple Cinnamon Chips

So, for a snack, instead of eating an apple I decided (of course, supervised by my doctor) to have apple chips. As long as they don't contain oil. Or sugar (Splenda is OK). So I made them and they are amazing. Another way to get our of the rutine.


So, with this salsa you will be amazed. I love salsa, it just makes everything taste better. Sometimes, you get a surprise chile and it's very spicy, like this time I made this salsa.... but still, it goes with almost everything and the taste and smell is amazing! And best thing of all, you can freeze batches (in ziploc bags, in muffin pans, etc) and have your favorite salsa whenever you want.

Splenda Meringues

So, I'm on a diet (that's one of the reasons why I'm not posting many recipes lately, because the hubs travels a lot and there's no one that can eat the food. I ask my doctor if I could eat some Splenda meringues and she said yes... so I gave them a try. I got meringues, but the texture is different from regular meringues... I'm not sure why, but when I finish this batch, I'm trying another one with coffee, or vanilla beans... 


Happy Bday to me!

Happy 27th birthday =0)

So I had this delicious pie for my birthday at the office. Banana and dulce de leche cream pie.

Happy Father's Day!

So, to celebrate my dad, this last Sunday I made some Carne Asadaloaded double baked potatoes and some Jalapeño poppers (with no bread but with bacon).



So, I love meringues and I have always wanted to make some but didn't know how to. So, I made them and they were delicious! They were crunchy and spongy =)... I already had 5 egg whites at room temperature because I previously needed 5 egg yolks at room temperature for the Crème brûlée {Creme Brulee} I prepared before.

Chili's Quesadilla Explosion Salad

Mirai Sushi


Miguitas {Egg and Tortilla Chips}

This is one of my favorite breakfast food! And is one of the easiest to prepare! These crunchy tortilla chips, mixed with scrambled eggs and topped with some shredded cheese will delight you. You should really try them.

Crème brûlée {Creme Brulee}

Crème brûlée is one of my favorite desserts. Actually, I think it's my favorite dessert. And after looking at so many recipes, I decided to go with Ree's. I made half the recipe and got 5 ramekins. Small sized. I'm so sorry for that. Why? Because it's DELICIOUS! And I only got 5 of them. And ate two. Both yesterday.


Tacos "El Farolito"

So yesterday, the hubs and I went to celebrate the beautiful-ness of life... and went to "El Farolito" to eat some Mexico city style tacos. Here, I'm sharing with you some pictures. They look mouthwatering, right? so of course, I started with a corn tostada covered in pico de gallo, with a dash of lemon juice and salt, and a little green salsa.


Chicken Tostadas

Last night, the hubs came back from his business trip and I was too lazy to cook something complicated. I found some frozen shredded chicken I already had. And some packed refried beans. And corn tostadas. So, I decided to make some chicken tostadas.

Baked Dijon Salmon

I am not a big fan of fish and seafood. Actually, I hate them so much... the taste, the smell, the looks, everything in them. I know... No one can believe it. I actually have thought of saying I'm allergic so I don't need to be explaining through all my life about it. BUT! There's always a but... BUT! I can eat salmon. Actually, the sushi I eat can contain salmon or tuna. That's all. And well, sometimes I also eat some fish. Breaded. Anyways... So this salmon is very easy to make, I bake it. It's very flavorful. 

Cheese filled Artichoke

So, since I was a little child, grandma used to prepare these cheese filled artichokes... I asked her to share the recipe with me, so I could share it with you, and here it goes. I am convinced that no matter the recipe, the taste and consistency will be different according to who is cooking. And that happened. She told me the recipe, the cheese consistency was different, the taste too.... but thery were still so good!!! Oh, and another thing.... the hubs had never tried out an artichoke before, at least like this (only spreads and dips)... so he tried it out and he loved it.... he even asked for more!