Snow White's Poisoned Apples {Candy}

It's Fall, it's Halloween. Candy apples are mandatory! I bought this candy that just needs water and sugar. 

I added 1 cup of water and 2.5 cups of sugar and the red package of candy.

Let it boil. As I don't have any kitchen termometer, I had to be testing the candy every 2 or 3 minutes by placing a drop of melted candy in cold water. 

While I was waiting for the candy to be ready, I placed the wooden sticks in the little apples.

Looks good... be careful, this could REALLY burn tyour skin.

It took me like 12 minutes for the candy to be ready.

I placed the candy covered apples in wax paper.

They look delicious!! But be careful... are they poisoned? 
Just kidding, trying to get in the Halloween mood...

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