Keeping It Real

So, if you think that cooking, baking and inventing dishes and combining flavors and taking pictures at the same way is easy, it's not!
I wanted to make this post to remind you that having a food blog requires a lot of dish washing, patience, tolerance from the hubs, and a lot of effort.

Splenda Meringues 3 {Lemon}

OK, so being able to eat maringues on my diet, makes me want to try so many different flavors. So, after making the other two recipes before, I'm sharing this one. I'm not a big fan of citrics, so the taste is some kind of annoying for me, but it's still good. My friends loved them, I didn't, I just liked them. I'm planning on making some coffe meringues and vanilla meringues. Let me know if you have any more suggestions. Here's the recipe.

Bolognese Spaghetti

The hubs was craving for Italian food, so I made him some bolognesa spaghetti and he was delighted. This recipe is very easy to make, because you won't make the sauce from scratch, but still will have a very natural taste. And other natural ingredients. I hope you enjoy it!


Chili Dogs

I decided to make some chili dogs for the hubs. He loves hot dogs and chili dogs!! And I prefer chili dogs. These chili dogs are so good, they are spicy, but sweet, and they are so soft, they can almost melt on your mouth. O was thinking about adding a little bit of butter on the bread... but that is TOO MUCH! Maybe without the cheese? What do you think?


Vanilla Cheesecake

So, the hubs loves cheesecake and I decided to make a different kind of cheesecake than the one I always make, the no-bake cheesecake. I gotta tell you, this cheesecake it's really creamy, and soft, and vanilla flavored, and spongy. It's amazing. Actually, it'a  little bit short in height, so next time I'm maybe using an extra cream cheese or two (and of course, more eggs, sugar and cream).



So, I decided to make a meatloaf with beef and chicken, and because we all know a meatloaf has beef on it, then it's better I add the chicken prefix =) It's full of veggies, and guess what? It's also filled with cheese!!! Light cheese!!! Ok, cottage cheese. So, it's very tasteful,and best of all, it's very light.
Of course I prefer the original recipe for Meatloaf, but right now I can't eat that. I adapted the recipe with the food I can eat.

Roasted Chicken with Veggies

So, after eating the Chicken'n'Meatloaf I prepared last week, I made yet ANOTHER chicken casserole like the Veggies Chicken Casserole I made the week before. It's very similar, but I think this one has so much more flavor (because I seasoned the chicken so the broth would also be flavorful) and I experimented with different tomatoes and added cucumber too! Make sure you try it out, you won't regret! Oh, and it's so much more brothy than the last one!


Baked Green Salsa

I have always preferred Green Salsa over Red Salsa, but I think the baked flavor gives them another taste, sweeter and spicier at the time... It's very funny, I've tried salsa with different types of cooking the veggies, and I think I'm convincing myself that baking is the best way to go. Of course, it depends on how you are using your salsa, among other things...


Splenda Meringues 2

So, I decided to give a second chance for reaching my desired consistency on Splenda Meringues. They are better than last ones =) I still don't know why (maybe experience??) because the recipe is the same. Only this time I used a tip to give them a better shape and a uniform size. Check them out!

Baked Salsa {Restaurant Style}

So, checking out April's recipe for a Restaurant Style salsa, I decided to give it a try, even when I already had some salsa leftover from two days ago. The flavor is amazing, the texture too (it's thicker than cooked tomatoes) BUT if andf only if you love garlic. If you don't that much, I totally recommend to use half the garlic from the recipe.