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Molletes con Queso {Toast with Refried Beans and Cheese}

Remember when I cooked in my terracota pot? Well, now I'm using the terracota dish. I had some leftovers from the Frijoles de Olla {Terracotta Pot Brothy Beans} I cooked some days ago. I went to Walmart and bought some French bread and prepared these beans to be spreadable. I made Refried beans. If you like beans and you love cheese, you will love these Molletes. And here comes the recipe.


Frijoles de Olla {Terracotta Pot Brothy Beans}

I'm really excited because I found a terracotta pot that I was looking for. I bought it and baked Frijoles de Olla. I also bought a dish!!!! Anyways, you can look for one here in Amazon. These kind of pot and dishes usually give food a twist, a different flavor than if you use a pressure cooker or a SS cooker. 


My Fav Breakfast {Fried Eggs and Sausage... and Quesadilla too}

This is my Favorite Breakfast ever. I love fried eggs, I love sausages and... quesadillas too. This is not a difficult recipe at all, actually it's very easy to make. I still wanted to post it because I made myself this breakfast for Saturday and I wanted to share it, because I enjoyed it a lot.


Freckled Muffins

The hubby had to go on a business trip and left me, all by myself, bored, sad... with a kitchen, and kitchen tools, and food, a food procesor, and chocolates, and a credit card (in case it's something missing), and a beautiful oven and Pyrex, and knives, and butter, and chocolates... did I already said chocolates??, and eggs, chicken, pasta, marinara sauce... a kitchen full of treasures waiting to be discovered by me. Oh, yeah. Time goes by in the kitchen, and I just won't get tired of being there. 
My sister decided to come by and spend the night with me, so I wouldn't be alone, so we were reading many recipes I have on a "pending" folder and she was like "Let's make the Chocolate Chip Muffins!" that I had printed from My Baking Addiction. 


Fried Rice and Chicken

I had leftover rice and we had been eating it for many days, as side for many different meals. So, I decided to give it a try as Fried Rice and adding some chicken. I gotta let you know that this was not white rice. It was rice cooked in tomato broth, so it had already some seasoning. It was not missing that much. It was good, but I still want to try cooking Fried Rice but with white rice.


Bilingual Recipe Cards {English + Spanish} Update

I just wanted to let you know that these recipes already have the Bilingual Recipe Cards on both English and Spanish. Please feel free to visit and copy-paste any of them to add them to your recipes.

Rib Eye Steak for Valentine's Day

So this is what I cooked for dinner for my Valentine and me. It was so good, and I really improvised! I made some gravy and I wasn't even sure how it was done, but somewhere in the middle of the recipe, I couldn't let the beef broth go to waste! The hubby was really amazed with the food. So simple, so easy to cook, and yet, so romantic and delicious. This is our first Valentine as a married couple, so I didn't want it to go as any other Valentine we had previously celebrated. This was totally worth it, an we enjoyed it with a delicious red wine cup.

Loaded Double Baked Potatoes

For Valentines I decided to bake these delicious potatoes as a side for the romantic dinner I planned to have with my husband: Rib Eye Steak for Valentine's Day. They were so good, even when I would have loved to have more cream... or sour cream... or cream cheese (can you believe it? I had no left! I used all the cream cheese I had in the No-Bake Red Fruits Cheesecake I made for dessert. Anyway, they were still so good... But I definitely recommend adding sour cream to this recipe. So, here goes the recipe.

No-Bake Red Fruits Cheesecake

Happy Valentine's Day!

On this special Valentine's day I decided to prepare a cheesecake for my husband. He loves cheesecakes, and I haven't done any in a long time. So, I went and gathered all the ingredients and prepared it a day before. Here goes the recipe.


Pesto Pasta and Chicken

So I was craving for pesto. And I cooked this pesto penne. I wanted some chicken. I didn't have any frozen breasts, only breaded frozen patty. So I used that. I was in heaven. It was soooo delicious. So tasteful. 


Cinnamon Roll Waffles

I've been pinning around for several months and I found a pin talking about using cinnamon rolls as waffle mix, that directs you to the blog that describes the process. I pinned it and thought "somday I'll try this". Several months went by, until I finally remembered this and gave it a try.


Mozzarella & Pepperoni Rolls

One day, while I was blogging around, I found a blog called "The Girl Who Ate Everything" and of course, I checked several recipes and I became a follower. I saw her easy'n'quick recipe for these rolls and I decided to give it a try. Also, the hubs is a Pizza (and everything that tastes the same) fan, lover.


Cowboy Casserole

After reading The Cutting Edge of Ordinary's recipe I wanted to try it! I figured it would taste so good, and indeed, it did. I love ground beef, I love corn, I love potato (aka hasbrowns), I love cheddar cheese.... how could this combinations get wrong? You should definitely try it out. It's funny how The Cutting Edge of Ordinary calls it "looks like dog food", because it kind of does, but still, it tastes so good!