Cinnamon Rolls

I've been wanting to make this amazing recipe, these delicious rolls since many weeks ago... and I was afraid of the outcome. Why? Because I have never used yeast before. I was afraid to use it. And man, I had already bought it. I just didn´t want to use it, I don't know. Weird me. Ok, let's go to business. I checked many recipes and fell in love with Ree's, so I used it and halved it.

Italian Beef Stew

For this Italian Beef Stew, I used Foodiebride's recipe. Let me tell you, the flavor was amazing. This recipe is definitely a keeper in our family, it was delicious =) and best of all, it uses cheap meat, ha! Not that I'm cheap, but I'd like to have options on both sides... =) so, what do you think? Do you usually make stews? What do you use on them? Do you prefer chicken? meat?

Chiles en Nogada 2

So again, to celebrate Mexico's Independence Day, my family and I got together and celebrated, with Chiles en Nogada. These chiles are delicious, and well, if you'd like to know more about them, you can check my older post here. This time, I used walnuts (original recipe) instead of pecans, and I added a handful of pine nuts. The chiles were amazing, I had nothing left!!! Some of them, even ate two chiles! So, here goes the recipe...


Splenda Meringues 4 {Coffee}

So, you may already know that I can eat a lot of Splenda meringues, so I'm trying several flavors, and now, it was time for coffee meringues!! They were actually pretty good!! I think they are my favorite so far, followed by regular Splenda meringues (no extra flavors added). You can check my recipes here, here and the lemon flavored ones here. I totally recommend these, they taste amazing, although they look kind of like poop... ha!


Rotisserie Chicken

So, I've been craving for rotisserie since who knows when! And finally, I bought a whole organic chicken and I made it! I used my convection oven, and it worked really great!!! I'm really excited because it was so juicy, so delicious, so crunchy, so yum!!! And the best thing is that's really healthy =) Really crispy and flavorful. I hope you get the chance to try it out, it's totally worth it. Even the hubs wants me to make another one, with BBQ sauce (he's not a BBQ lover.... weird!!). So, I based my preparation in princechopper's recipe. I changed it a bit, both in content and timing.


Banana Almond Bread

So, after the hubs went on a business trip (again), two of the beautiful bananas we bought started to ripe... and I thought... what can I do with them? And I remembered the Banana Bread I made on March, but I didn't have any organge juice or oranges for zesting, so I looked for another recipe and found Crumblog's recipe, which caught my eye. I decided to give it a try, of course, changing it a little bit, as always.


A Few Easy Changes

Many of the recipes you already cook can be cooked in "whole-food mode"!!! And that's good news!! Of course, there are many changes you will need to make, depending on your actual eating and cooking habits, but the most easier are:


Other Resources

Many of the recipes you already cook can be cooked in "whole-food mode"!!! And that's good news!! Of course, there are many changes you will need to make, depending on your actual eating and cooking habits. For more information, you can go to Real, Clean, Whole Food... Food.

Real, Clean, Whole Food... Food

Being educated about what's best for our bodies is part of our responsabilities. If being a wife/mother is not enough reason to convince you, then being a human being should be. At least that's what I think, so I began to study a lot from different sources, along with my nutritionist in these loosing-weight months, and began learning what's best to eat. Besides learning what's best for the body, in terms of nutritional contents, I also learned a lot about the right portions or amount of each food group we should be eating. 


Philly Cheesesteaks

So, the hubs was craving for cheesesteaks, and I decided to make some. Of course, I couldn't find any hoagie rolls, or French rolls, or any rolls, so I used what I had in hand... hotdog buns! I also checked Julie's recipe, make them and they were great! And you can have any add-ins you'd like! Like different color bell peppers, mushrooms, more cheeses, etc! Now, let's go to the recipe...

Mexico's Independence Month

I'm sending some recipes to participate in Pily's call for this Month of Mexico's Independence!! Please feel free to send your Mexican recipes to her, on her blog =) Just click on the image to go to Pily's post.

Churrasco Spread

Do you remember my Las Pampas 2 post? We had some Churrasco leftover. Ok, not some. I think maybe half of the Churrasco was for leftover. Haha, so I made Ree's beef spread. Of course, changing a little bit fo the recipe. And let me tell you, even when it has a strong flavor, real strong, it's amazing! It's delicious, you can use it as a dip, or as a sandwich spread, or whatever you can think of! I even freezed one part, because it was a lot! The hubs took some to the office... anyways. 

Mom's Baked Rib Eye Ribs

So, this recipe comes from my mom's inventions. The same as Chicken & Rice does. I love when she makes these ribs. I already told her, when she makes them, she has to call me and I will get as fast as I can to her home, and eat some. Ha! I think the hubs don't like them that much, but I do, and so he doesn't say a thing and eats them whatsoever. You should really try them out, they are a little "fatty", but you can always let them cool in the fridge, remove the fat on the top, and heat them again.


Sweet Egg Yolk Cookies

I wanted to make some meringues so I needed egg whites. And I figured, what can I do with egg yolks, that does not consume a lot of time? Because Crème brûlée {Creme Brulee} does, and I looked for some cookies. I found Roxana's fascinating recipe and decided to give it a try. And I did not regret it. These cookies are so soft, and not too-sweet... they are great! You could event cover one half with chocolate, or drizzle some on top, or some glaze... they are great!

El Gaucho Restaurante

Now, Saturday was my sister's birthday and we decided to go to an Argentinian restaurant called El Gaucho.

Las Pampas 2

Las Pampas, again!