Beer - A - utiful Key Hooks

My husband and I needed ASAP some key hooks!!
We were always looking for our house keys, the car keys, the locks keys!! The keys were driving us crazy! 

On the other hand...
My husband usually leaves his keys (and the car keys) in the living room table, but that bothers me so much! First of all, it is a very beautiful table, and it's not a keys table. I don't like things were they don't belong, so I started thinking about building some key hooks. 
Because of the urgency, I actually considered placing some nails in the wall, but then I remembered some little wood tables an uncle gave me. 

So, looked for them, and look for some nails too. We already had some spray paint and finish we bought for some furniture makeover we are working on, and I was thinking about how to decorate them.

Then I remembered I was saving the beer bottles caps, because i was thinking of doing Martha Stewart's Bottle-Cap Magnets and Thumbtacks, so I took my bottle caps too.

So, I gather all my materials.

Then, I took Princesa and started working on this.

I sanded the little wood tables, sprayed them with paint and when they dried, spray them with finish. Next day, I placed the nails in the middle -a little bit down the middle- of the bottle caps and began nailing.

Julio, my husband, helped me stick them in the wall with a "no more nails" glue from Resistol.

We had to hold them for 10 minutes and then they stood there! So, this is how my front door looks like now (from the inside) with the key hooks.

And this is how the key hooks look like. This is a very simple process and you can chance the beer bottle caps for whatever you like: flowers, jewerly stones, felt figures, etc.

I hope you like them. If you have any suggestions, please feel welcome to comment.

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