Rosca de Reyes {Kind-of-King Cake}

So, in Mexico we celebrate the "Kings' Day" -"Three Wise Men's Day"- on January 6th. The tradition goes at follows: Children leave a shoe outside before goint to bed. By outside, I mean in the living room or under the Christmas tree or outside their bedroom. This way, they get a present from the Three Wise Men (it's a little present, not like Santa Claus).

Then, in the afternoon, a Rosca de Reyes is served. Usually with hot chocolate. This is a good excuse to getting together with family and friends!

But there is also a surprise here. Now, let me describe the Rosca de Reyes.
Rosca de Reyes is a type of cake. It is oval shaped to symbolize a crown (of the Wise Men). As a toppings, we use many different ones: dried fruit (in many shapes and forms), cherries, quinces, figs. And sugar. These fruites are supposed to symbolize the jewels of the crown.

Inside the Rosca de Reyes you will usually find a Baby Jesus (or 3 or 4, depending on the cake size) plastic doll. Pretty small, actually. Many years and decades ago, this doll was made of porcelain or ceramics. Now it's plastic (resistant to heat). You can also find The Three Wise Men (separately) inside the Rosca de Reyes. Nowadays, it depends a lot on the place you buy it. You can even ask the pastry for a specific amount of Baby Jesus inside the cake.

Let me explain why.

If your Rosca de Reyes cake slice has the doll inside, hidden, then you are blessed and must take the Baby Jesus doll to the nearest church on February 2nd, which is the Candlemas Day (celebration of the presentation of Jesus in the Temple). And then, that day, you agree to host a party and provide tamales to guests. Guests are supposed to be the same ones that were present the day you took your Rosca de Reyes slice; of course you can invite whoever you want to invite.

I guess if there are 3 or 4 dolls, then the expenses on the party will be divided in 3 or 4 people, right?

So, there it is. The Catholic and Mexican tradition. There are many countries and religions that celebrate this in different ways, some varying details.

So, back to the beginning, my husband and I went to buy a Rosca de Reyes (you can find them in stores and pastries since January 1st).

We bought a big one! Look at that beautiful Rosca de Reyes.

Can you see the size of that thing?? I guess we're starting on diet after the 6th.

Lol. Looks like Princesa also wants a piece of Rosca. I guess she wants to eat tamales on February.

Now, I took the first slice. I love the sugar part. Always have, always will.

Can you see? I have to host the tamales. But I'm also blessed 0=). Tamales for my husband and me. Anyways, I'm thinking on taking my crockpot and cook a tamale pie. What do you think about that?

Now, cheating. He is taking the slice next to mine so the possibilities of getting another doll are nearly 0. And he's laughing about it.

Please! Let him have another doll. Not? Ok...

So here is my gigantic slice and the doll. I always get the doll. Always. Since I was a little child. Of course, when I was a child, mom had to pay for the tamales, not me.

I always loved this Rosca de Reyes. It tastes a lot like butter. Has a lot of butter. I just always prefer this one.

Let me know if you celebrate (and how) this day!

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