Rosca de Reyes {Kind-of-King Cake} - Part 2

So, as I mentioned on Rosca de Reyes {Kind-of-King Cake}, this is a very good excuse to get together with friends and family. So we got together. Family. It was so nice!

So, I'm gonna share with you some pictures! My dad was the lucky one that got Baby Jesus in his slice!

Oh, and I prepared some hot chocolate with cinammon. Yum!

I used 8 cups (2 liters) of milk and 3 tablets of chocolate. Yum! Oh, and 1 stick of cinammon.

My younger sister, Mel!

 My mom!

Mel's boyfriend, Leonel

 My dad!

He got it!

  Do you see it?



It was a special night, full of joy =)