My sisters were staying at home, with me in the beginning of the week, and I wanted to prepare something special for them. Even when they loved the Lasagna Soup leftovers and the Candy Cane Dust Cake. So I thought of making empanadas and took a lot ot ingredients to fill them.

Look at that. Many many fillings... yum!

First I made some Rajas con Queso, but with purple onion. I left the cheese out so it melts in the oven inside the empanada.

Now, 'Ham and Cheese'; a blend of turkey beast and queso ranchero.

Now, corn and cheese mix (ranchero and mozzarella) and fine herbs.

And 'Buffalo' empanadas, filled with buffalo bites and mozzarella.

A little chilorio with refried beans.

Now, I'm using some already prepared dough. Just fill them.

Place a little water with your fingers and close them. The water will help seal them up.

Get them in a preheated oven at 350F for 25 minutes.

They look so good!

A cheese-corn and a Rajas one.

Yum yum yum!!!


  1. friend creo que cancelaré mi suscripción a tu página... tengo la lengua llena de granos de tantos antojos no cumplidos y para colmo se te ocurre subir estas empanadas en viernes por la mañanita y sin jefes en la ofis... no no no no... ke antojo!

  2. jajjajajaj ay lety, y si sobro... una jajajajjajaj te la hubiera traido =( buuuuuuuuuuh traigo la cabeza no se donde y se me ha olvidado traerte cosillas.... ya tome nota mental =D

  3. vaaaaaaaya hasta ke se digna la señorita...
    osea ni xke soy la presidenta de tu club de fanseses!