Tacos "El Farolito"

So yesterday, the hubs and I went to celebrate the beautiful-ness of life... and went to "El Farolito" to eat some Mexico city style tacos. Here, I'm sharing with you some pictures. They look mouthwatering, right? so of course, I started with a corn tostada covered in pico de gallo, with a dash of lemon juice and salt, and a little green salsa.
I followed with 3 tacos ( I only ate 2, the hubs ate the other one) of rib and cheese. Delicious! Right?

Of course with green salsa (I don't like very much the red salsa they have).

After a big bite...

I followed with a huarache with fresh cheese and "carne al pastor". "Carne al pastor" is pork seasoned with a marinade made of different types of red chile, some seasoning and achiote. Achiote is a red seed that is used to marinate food, and this seed you can crush it with other seasonings to create achiote paste. This meat is cooked and stacked in a "trompo" form (like an inversed triangle with two points on top and one on the bottom, I promise to get a picture next time), and placed in a rotating stick with pineapple and cooked in there. Ok, it's difficult to explain. Promise a photo. 

Ok, I can't rotate the hubs pic. He's eating a "cueritos" taco. EEEWWWWWWWW!

I don't like them. Cueritos are the pork skin, cut in pieces, cooked in vinegar. A lot of people love them. I can't eat them. They look disgusting. I'm sorry. 

And finally, my pastor taco. Just a simple taco of pastor pork with pineapple and chopped onion. 

And rice horchata water. This is a drinking water prepared with: rice meal or flour, sugar, cinammon, sweetened milk, and vanilla.

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