A Very Natural Entryway Rack

So, six months ago I was looking at some decor magazines and I found this entryway hooks rack, which I instatly loved: it was love at first sight.

So, Julio and I took Princesa for a walk, and we found a lot of tree branches. We picked up around 20 of them, hoping to find the perfect branch piece for the perfect hook.

Suddenly, we found also five wood pieces in the street, so we took three of them home. We decided to choose the best one later. 

So, a week later Julio chose one and started to sand it.


When he finished, while I was spray-painting it


He started cutting the tree branches (that we previously selected). The next picture is not the actual picture showing how to cut, but just to show the tools we used. He cutted the branches in the floor, not in his leg!

Then, he sanded the branches (as if they were wood... oh! they are) 

And... ta daaaa! The perfect hooks!

When the spray-painted wood table was already dry, I sprayed the finish protection

Then, my hubby started nailing the branches pieces to the already painted and protected wood table

And we are still missing one spot, because the other branches we took were too little, so today we are going to take Princesa for a walk and look for branches... but the idea is for the hooks to look like this

It looks pretty similar, right? I love how ours will look like!! 


Any suggestions?

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