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Many of the recipes you already cook can be cooked in "whole-food mode"!!! And that's good news!! Of course, there are many changes you will need to make, depending on your actual eating and cooking habits. For more information, you can go to Real, Clean, Whole Food... Food.
A few of the resources I used (just some, a few) are listed here:
She will provide you the basic tools to start changing your meals, your cooking, and the perspective from her husband. You will find many useful information there. Even weekly meal plans!

Sometimes, she shares many of her all-natural whole food recipes, which are delicious! And she grinds her own grains, she dehydrates her own food, making the best treats for her two fantastic kids. She will give you useful tips, and recipes, and she will share information on this whole food "real food" all-natural eating habits. As she says "i really believe that God has provided this perfect food for our bodies, filled with nutrients and vitamins that we need, but for the sake of convenience, we have lost that natural provision". I hear you, LeAna!

In this series, she talks about how to transition to a whole food-based kitchen and cleaner eating, and she divides her series in many chapters where she explains the pros and cons of many food items. The chapters are: IntroductionFruits & VegetablesWhole GrainsGetting Your ProteinHealthy FatsProcessed FoodSweets. You can also find many delicious and healthy recipes there!

She is all organic, grain free-gluten-free. That's healthy too, and she also has meal plans (samples and sells others) and the shares many of her recipes. 

On her blog, you will find healthy and flavorful recipes that can be found in their full-fat origins.

They have very useful recipes, and they combine whole food and excercise routine. They also share very useful information! And if you are brave enough, you can follow their routines!

She also provides monthly meal plans and recipes, including shopping lists, printables, and other useful resources! She will be very helpful :)

And here, you will find MANY recipes and useful information too. That I will provide =)

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