A little Table for the Guest Room

Well, I had the idea of an orange-themed (as in the color, no the fruit) guest room decoration, so I placed a beige carpet in the center of the room. So, we have three green previously-used -but in very good shape- chairs that we received as part of a very lovely wedding gift that we intend to reupholster (DIOurselves, of course) in a beautiful orange fabric that we are still looking for. 

Then I had a brilliant idea!! I wanted to place wooden logs as little tables for the guest room -because our rental townhouse is not so big, we have a guest room/TV room- so we could place our movies popcorn and drinks. And whatever other stuff that needs to be placed there. But.... I couldn't find any in this city! We live in a very hot city -Northeastern Mexico) were we don't have a lot of threes.... so I remembered my husband and I had a little table we bought four years ago (when we were still young sweethearts) that could perfectly work in this room.


First, I had to sand the wood so it would be all "virgin" (because when we bought it had its protective finish):

(that's a rock holding it for the picture because it was a windy day). If you look carefully, you can see the difference in the right side of the table (sanded) and the left side (original).

After sanding, we decided to paint it with orange spray paint...

Remember to use this in a ventilated area away from the walls and to cover the floor where you will be placing the piece to be painted. We used newspaper to cover the center of our garage floor, where we did the painting.

And then, we covered it with a protective finish spray. I decided to use a semi-gloss finish, because that is how I like it:

And then, after 24 hours (that's how long it takes to completely dry), here are some pictures of how our little orange table looks like!!


We are very happy with our new orange little table!

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